Jewish Man Hit With A Belt, Verbally Abused In Antisemitic Attack In Flatbush Over Shabbos

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A Jewish man walking on Avenue J and East 15th Street in Flatbush was attacked by two men in what appears to be an antisemitic attack.

The incident took place Shabbos evening, at around 7 o’ clock. Two man who appeared slightly intoxicated approached the victim and, unprovoked, began yelling antisemitic jabs. The interaction escalated into physical violence when one of the men began hitting the victim in the face with a belt before fleeing.

The victim was shaken by the confrontation but declined to be taken to the hospital for further medical care.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.

New York City Councilman Kalmen Yeger commented on the attack, calling it sickening.
“Sickening. Another day, another antisemitic attack. On Shabbos. In Brooklyn. Is this New York City’s new normal?”


  1. Anti-Semitism is a known halacah. Esav hates Yakov then, now , and until umolay haretz deah b’bias moshiach.

    Our response must be to make kiddush or we will continue having the non-jews make havdalah r’l.

    It has become common place r’l for charedim l’dvar Hashem to have meetings over meals with non-jews. It would behoove all who engage in this behavior to ask an authentic posek shlita prior to such meetings.

  2. Democrat Hispanic, Eric Gonzalez and Democrat African-American, Letitia James simply DON’T CARE! White Jewish blood is worthless. White Jewish lives don’t matter. The police commissioner couldn’t care less. Parking tickets are more valuable to the donut eaters than Jewish lives.
    And then we have the duffuss occupying Gracie Mansion gloating that crime is down for the 3000th straight month.

  3. It all starts from cops hating yidden and refusing to help them i was attacked 2 blocks from there and nypd refused to take a report, very corrupt local station house

  4. The story as reported above is wholly inaccurate.

    The Jewish man got into an altercation with 2 acquaintances of his, and things spiraled out of control. Things resorted to violence, and this Jewish man decided to cry antisemitism.

    This was a personal dispute that unfortunately wound up in both sides throwing punches. This was NOT an unprovoked antisemetic attack as the media and our ‘askanim’ and frum politicians are trying to paint it.

    In fact, its events like these where the media and the ‘victim’ inflate the actual events and scream antisemitism that actually result in an increase in antisemitism.

    Everything I mentioned above can be corroborated with CCTV footage from the area.

  5. It seems all agree nypd is just as responsible le as de bozo, the corrupt donut eaters outright lie to show stats that crime is falling, who policies the corrupt police?

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