Jewish Man Who Converted To Islam Sentenced To Prison For Threatening Online Posts

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Yousef al-KhattabA New Jersey man who used his Islamic organization’s Web site to advocate violence against those whose ideals he found offensive to his religion was sentenced Friday to 21 / 2 years in prison – a term that a federal judge said he imposed so people would “understand the line” between free speech and criminal calls for violence.

An Orthodox Jew who converted to Islam, Yousef al-Khattab, 45, renounced his postings during the hearing in federal court in Alexandria, asking U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady to hold him responsible only “for what I say, not how other people understood it.”

Derisively calling himself a “clown” and “the Gilbert Gott­fried of the Muslims,” Khattab said he did not intend to incite violence but would not make the postings today that he did years ago.

“I look back now, and I’m very wrong,” Khattab said.

Court records show that in 2009, Khattab posted a photo of the headquarters with a link to a map and noted that the main temple was always full at prayer times. In another post that year, he told readers to seek out leaders of Jewish organizations in the United States and “deal with them directly at their homes,” court records show.

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  1. “clown/Gilbert Godfried” . Yeah you’re the Woody Allen of Jihad. Seinfeld. Let’s all laugh along with the emabarassed neurotic Jew who still calls his mother everyday to give her naches, and she asks if he changed his socks. Shoiteh.

  2. The title of this post is an oximoron. There is no such thing as a Jew who converts to… Born a Jew is always a Jew. One may behave according to others’ religious beliefs, but there’s no such thing as “Jewish man who converted to Islam”…
    It’s a contradiction in terms!

  3. i agree with 5 you can sprinkle and bow down all you want but you cant convert to islam you could be oveid avodah zorah if islam is that but you are a jew doing avodah zorah not a muslim who used to be a jew

  4. It would be interesting to know if he ever was in fact an orthodox Jew or if he was a halachic Jew at all. “Facts” develop in the press that havenothing to do with reaity
    You can no longer assume ones identity by the name.

  5. who is gilbert gottfried ?
    i thought he is called yosef cohen and if there are any people guilty of his mental sickness it is us that we don`t really take care about our people when they need us but ignore them if we don`t see any monetary gain …
    he realy doesn`t belong into jail but into a mental institute

  6. i knew his wife luna very well. she went to bruers and was a frum girl . this mamzer has a very special seat in gehenem waiting for him . i only hope someone can rescue his wife and kids while he rots in jail hashem yerachem on his family

  7. He’s a YID!!! A messed up and deranged one, but a Yid! He fell to an incredibly low level, but he’s your brother so don’t be angry at him, cry for him!


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