Jewish Protesters Block Entrance To ‘Concentration Camps’ For Migrants

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Over 30 Jewish protesters were arrested outside a US detention center holding undocumented migrants which they likened to a “concentration camp”.

Those arrested were among hundreds of protesters, mostly young people, who gathered outside the Elizabeth Detention Centre in New Jersey on Sunday to demand the government “close the camps”.

The protesters held signs reading “Never again means close the camps” and chanted: “Hey hey, ho ho, racist ICE has got to go,” as they blocked the road leading to the center.

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  1. As Reb Meir Kahane Z”L would say: The liberal Jews didn’t protest here in the USA when 6,000,000 of their brothers were being killedin Europe. They did however march in Selma, Alabama with MLK for civil rights. Sick diseased minds.

  2. Daas Torah… The Jews today are tinok shel mishpat..They are clueless to anything to do with yiddishkeit. You have to have serious rachmanus, and treat them nicely. Say Gut Shabbas and bring them a honey cake for the Chagim. It’s really NOT their fault..They don’t know any better. Ironically, even their” Rabbis” are clueless.

    • If they were completely unobservant but minding their own business I would agree that they are just Tinokos S’hnisbah and have pity on them. No matter political views they have

      But when they are very aggressively falsely claiming that they speak in the name of Judaism in order to further their totally secular political agenda it is difficult for me to be sympathetic to them.

      If they want to demonstrate on behalf of open borders, they can go ahead this is a free country.

      If they want to do so in the name of Judaism I protest the distortion
      of Judaism. And for good measure the distortion of Jewish and world history by comparing the border situation to the holocaust

  3. The word Jew is synonymous with everything happening in the world….this is a problem.

    Bad immigration policies for Jesuit trained people should not include the word Jew in the landscape.

    Many ignorant people believe Jews control the world.


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