Video: Jewish Shaitel Salon in North Miami Beach Burns Down

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north-miami-beach-shaitel-salon[Video below.] North Miami Beach – The owner of a high-end shaitel salon said she is devastated after her store burned down early Thursday morning. “From 6 o’clock, sometime, a.m., working every single day till 12 or 1 o’clock at night, so it’s very hard,” said Rachel Berkowitz as she stood outside her charred business. “I put my heart and soul into it.”

Police and fire rescue crews were called out to Rachel’s Wig Salon, located at 163rd Street and 11th Avenue, around 1 a.m. “The police called me and they said there’s a fire. I came in, I saw the whole store was burned,” said Berkowitz.

According to the North Miami Beach Police incident report, police responded to a burglar alarm and noticed the salon’s rear glass door was shattered. Authorities said an arson investigator was called and collected evidence.

When asked if she knows someone who might wish her or her business harm, Berkowitz replied, “No, I don’t have any enemies, just the opposite, never had any enemies.”

The salon’s regular clientele expressed their astonishment at the blaze. “I’m shocked, absolutely shocked,” said Talia Eisenberger. “I walked in here to drop off my wigs, and I saw this, and it’s terrible. I feel bad for Rachel. It’s terrible.”

“I feel so bad,” echoed another customer. “All her merchandise is in there. It’s her job. It’s very, very sad.”

The cause of the fire remains unknown at this time. Officials are investigating.

Berkowitz said she has insurance, but is unsure whether it will cover all the losses. She estimated the cost of the damage at “anywhere between $100,000 and $120,000.”


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  1. What is wrong with hats or turbans? did they have shaitels (FAKE HAIR)50 years ago? maybe Hashem is angry about the problems they cause in marriages.

  2. This is a message from Hashem. Hashem is telling us that todays sheitels have crossed the border into the wrong. Yes, they are too ostnetatios and loud. No, they are not tznius. Even moreso, sheitels themselves are a controversial kula that is best not utilized altogether. A tichel/snood is far better.

  3. Hey Jonathan. Yes Jews did have shaitels 50 years ago, and as a matter of fact many Gadolim such as R. Moshe Feinstein and the Lubavitcher Rebbe permit shaitels. According to RMF, it is not considered maris ayin. Who made you G-d to judge this woman and all woman who wear shaitels b’halacha? This woman just had her store destroyed by some sick coward and you are justifying this deplorable act of hate because your ignorance and hate? You need your head

    Hey Ben. You don’t get it do you. This woman just had your whole store destroyed and you are condemning the victim??? Does your logic make sense?

    BTW, a tichel/snood is far worse because it does not cover the whole head. Not one hair is allowed to be exposed and, with the exception of falls, a wig is the only way to ensure all of it is covered

  4. even though shaitels are controversial (as jonathon & ben have stated), but this frum woman has encountered a terrible loss. let’s not spit in her face at this time of need

  5. #1+#2 the gedolim have already said shaitels are permitted as long as they fit within the guidelines. All those signs saying their completely assur are fakes created by the anti sheitel groups, which you guys seem be part of.

  6. To Ben and Jonathan: why dont you get off your high horses and maybe show some remorse for a fellow yid who lost her parnassa. And Ben, maybe hold off on paskening shailas for everyone.

  7. #1 and #2: How insensitive can you be? A woman’s entire parnassah just went up in smoke and all you can think about is a controversy about sheitels? Maybe this a test from Hashem to see where you are holding in ahavas Yisroel! If you fail it, that is keeping Moshiach from coming! As far as the issue of sheitlach and tznius is concerned, there are very many prominent Rebbetzins who wear a sheitel. I have a problem with the over-long shaitlach that I also feel are not tzniusdik, but there are plenty of fine, tzniusdik sheitlach, too. You can’t paint all sheitlach with one paint brush. As far as a tichel/snood, I have seen far too many women wearing them with so much hair showing out in the front and the sides that I By the way, do either of you have a direct line to Hashem to know what He is telling us? why don’t you wait for Daas Torah to tell us what Hashem is telling us?

  8. i was talking about the not tzniusdik shaitels and there is nothing wrong with a hat even if it shows a few natural long as the whole head isnt showing. did they wear these mops on their heads 100 years ago? what did they do for thousands of years before flatbush and lakewood?

  9. agree with #12; who are you Jonathan to give advice & Halachically wrong advice…”a few hairs sticking out”?! I think not…..


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