Jewish Student At UNC Charlotte Told To ‘Burn In An Oven’


the-university-of-north-carolina-at-charlotte-campusA Jewish student from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) was recently told “to go burn in an oven.”

On Sept. 4 in the school’s Student Union, a female student walking with a group of girls “looked at me with a straight face and said to ‘go burn in an oven,'” Neili Eggert told TruthRevolt.

“I didn’t know what to do or say to her, I was in complete shock… She walked away with the other girls laughing,” Eggert said.

Following the incident, Eggert has been fearful of walking around on campus. She reported the incident to the director of UNC Charlotte’s Multicultural Resource Center, the head of the school’s Religious & Spiritual Life Office, and the dean of students.

“I feel like I am being attacked because I wear my Star of David out in public, I wear shirts with the word Israel on it or shirts with Hebrew lettering, I have Israel stickers on my laptop, and I wear a hat with an Israeli flag on it,” Eggert said.

Previously, Eggert said she was “spit at by three male Muslim students on the second day of classes” on Aug. 19, in addition to other incidents.

“I have been called a terrorist, baby killer, woman killer, [told that] I use blood to make matzah and other foods, J- killer, occupier, and much more,” she said.


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  1. Isn’t it funny that she is blessed to be more than they are? Give it a big hand, she survived. And she is blessed. Good bye terrorists. Israel is hopeful always.

    Never again.

  2. sue the university so that they will make sure that this is not tolerable behavior.
    then dismiss the student or make the student undergo tolerance training.

  3. To #1-Genuk Shoin:
    You can’t live with your head in the sand. It is important to know what is going on outside of your daled amos. One day you or one of your children will step outside of your insular daled amos and find a whole world of hate outside.

  4. Get out while you still can, chutz l’Aretz lovers. You belong in Eretz Israel and NO PLACE ELSE! When are you going to figure that out already?

  5. It would be prudent not to openly display religious/zionist “bumper stickers” on your laptop, hat etc. We are in galus and in the years since the holocaust have become so comfortable that we forget that although we may have the same “rights” as everyone else, that is not going to stop anti-semetism in pples hearts. Unfortunately we now live in a time where there is alot less prosecution when it makes its way from the heart and out the mouth. Walk the streets as unpretentiously has possible- as we always have done in galus. Wearing pro-Israel apparel is incitement, plain and simple.

  6. Like Joe said, we are in galus.
    If one must attend university, it is a fact that such remarks are the norm. There are a few stupid people who think their “black humour” is somehow funny to their fellow goyim, but sadly, a lot of students and faculty really mean exactly what they are saying.
    Then again, very few places in western academia would measure up against the wonderful cosmopolite and tolerant Berlin, and we all know how it worked out over there.

    I think (sorry to highlight that my advice is tried and tested with plenty of those lowlifes) the lady should have replied about herself being an excellent cook and never burning anything in the oven, and besides, not being used to eat Jews – “do you?”.


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