Jewish Team Forfeits at Washington Tournament Because of Taanis Esther

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northwest-yeshivaThe following report appears in The Seattle Times: A team from a Mercer Island Jewish school has forfeited its game today at the girls state basketball tournament in Yakima. This is a fast day on the Jewish calendar, and the head of the Northwest Yeshiva school says the girls won’t play without water.

The Yakima Herald-Republic reports the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association wouldn’t reschedule the game because of the impact on other teams in the tournament.

Players from the school Mercer Island school that has about 60 students say they are glad to have made the state tournament.

When they are scheduled to face St. John-Endicott at 12:30 p.m. the players plan to line up, shake hands with the other team and wish them the best.

{Seattle Times/Noam Newscenter}


  1. very nice. now that takes guts and i wish then all i wonderfull purim. they should all hold there heads up high. what a kiddish hashem.

  2. Why is this a kiddush Hashem? Are they being mekadesh Hashem by engaging in Chukas Hagoi, ie sports? The mere fact that Jews are engaging in sports is actually a chilul Hashem.

  3. This is what makes it a kiddush Hashem: that they have perspective to realize it’s ONLY A GAME and a willing to forfeit rather than make a tumult.

    I think this is a great zechus for all involved and may they see great peiros!

  4. It should have been up to the individual kids. The objections to them playing had an awful lot of comments about the inappropriateness of women playing sports.

    I hope the non-frum kids at the school (and there are many of them) don’t get turned off to Orthodox Judaism because of this.

  5. #5: Sue who, for what? No one did anything wrong.

    #7: Based on what I’ve been reading, this is a school that consists of many girls who would be in public school (at best) if it wasn’t for this one. In that situation, I don’t think it can ever go under the category of “Chukas haGoyim” (whether it would considered that or not in a typical school that serves our community is an interesting question for another time, but here I don’t think it applies).

  6. shane shame on the washinguon inter scholastic association leadership for their failure to guide the girls who make up the teams in the association eith the credo of respect for the faith and religiouis practices of their fellow students which makes this country the greatest in the worldl
    a victory bt default is mwaningless
    kudos to the girls of the teasm that ztood up high and tall,000r on their dignity and earned as champions in their sphere
    hail to the champs

  7. 14 (Pesach Levovitz) I have a hunch that they have all the shalosh regalim, as well as Shabbos (taking into consideration the Shabbosos that end late) on their calendar. This was an innocent oversight. Let it go.


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