Jewish Teens Stone Car, Injure Jewish Toddler, Were Aiming For Palestinians

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israel policeAn Israeli toddler, 4, was lightly injured on Motzoei Shabbos when Jewish teenagers, seeking to stone Palestinian cars, threw a rock at the vehicle he was in near Chevron, the Times of Israel reports.

The boy was hurt by glass shards from a shattered window.

The IDF later arrested two Jewish minors from the settlement of Kiryat Arba in connection to the rock attack. The teenagers reportedly told soldiers they had sought to stone Palestinian cars.

The Israel Police said it was taking the case “very seriously” and had launched an investigation.

{ Israel}


  1. The rock throwing is not a typical Jewish tactic, so isn’t it a very unlikely coincidence that a Jewish car would be a first target of the fitst-time Jewish rock throwers who could aim well enough, but not be able to recognize Israeli license plates? This story stinks to high heaven. Perhaps it was a some kind of shabak provocation, with shabak agents pretending to be right wing youth. Perhaps it was an Army cover up of the real perpetrators who were Arab, while providing an excuse to arrest the Jewish political dissidents. Did the alleged perpetrators voluntarily confess, or were they forced to? All this questions have to be asked, as this story is too perfect in discrediting the Jewish defense ideology. Too perfect to be real.


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