Jewish Williamsburg Nurse Publishes Magazine To Counteract Anti Vax Propaganda

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A driving factor behind Brooklyn’s measles outbreak is the circulation of a magazine called PEACH (Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health), a religious illustrated handbook that demonizes vaccines with alarming drawings and storylines.

Blima Marcus, an Orthodox Jewish nurse in Williamsburg, is trying to counteract PEACH with her own magazine (PIE, Parents Informed and Educated).

Marcus warns the situation is incredibly complex, with layers of cultural beliefs and deep-rooted concerns that could be intensified with a hard-line approach.

‘It’s not getting to the root of the problem,’ Marcus told Gothamist of the state of emergency Mayor De Blasio declared this week.

‘The government needs to put their efforts into understanding the root cause of the hesitancy and fears of vaccinating and addressing that…What you really need to gain from the community is trust with slow, long-term education. You’ll really get people to listen and reverse the damage that’s been done by the anti-vaccine movement that’s so vocal here.’

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  1. What’s with these anti-vaxers? The peddle all kinds of shekarim about the vaccine.
    Aren’t we supposed to be a Nation of EMES?!?!?

    • Listen, once you get measeles, you are not getting it again! A fact. The residents of WB are true naturalist and also know hashim protects. Polio is so overhyped, phony pharmaceutical companies are just after the Jewish money. If the pharmaceutical can’t make money from us then they demean us. We shall overcome.

        • To lifetime crutches:
          People who cannot argue their position with facts resort to onas d’varim and Lashon hora. Stop responding like a 2 y.o. And back up your comments with the facts.

          • You are the one responding like a 2 year old just because you don’t grasp what someone is saying. The point was, Go tell those (and there are quite a few among us) who bear the scars of childhood polio for the rest of their lives, that polio is overhyped.

          • Are you so sick that you can’t remember recent history???
            What is wrong with you!
            Millions of people became sick with Polio and WERE CRIPPLED FOR LIFE!!!!
            Look it up in any history book.
            I myself knew people that were put into the iron lung machine and were saved but had to have crutches for life.

  2. For some reason no one worries that children will become autistic at the age of 5. Why don’t the anti vaxxers vaccinate their older children, see that it does not cause autism so they can then vaccinate their babies

  3. Anti Vax Propaganda? If anything is Propaganda – and a daily one, no less – it’s Vaxxers who are trying to force their dangerous vaccination onto healthy children causing them to ch”v become autistic and brain damaged and are not even immune for life. As we see, those who were vaccinated are the ones coming down with measles!!!!!!!! Then they blame the anti-vaxxers for it instead of blaming and suing the Health Dept for fooling them with junky injections.

    Actually, as Moishe said, “We are not allowed to sue! You, me nor anyone esle can sue a vaccine manufacturer, or a vaccine administrator. Vaccine injury is the only thing in the US courts that no one can sue for damages. This should make you question why that is, and the answer is simple: Because vaccine manufacturers would have lost in court, and the CDC wants vaccines out there at all costs. VAERS – which is not a court has paid out close to 4 billion in vaccine injuries, and vaccine injuries are notoriously hard to proof as the medical establishment is trying to deny all proof. Ask questions, don’t dish out idiocy.
    Just so you know, VAERS is your tax dollar paying for vaccine injuries. The Vaccine manufacturers have effectively vaccinated themselves against lawsuits, and made you pay the price. Just like they’re making your kids sick with vaccines so that they can earn billions on mandated vaccines. Oh what a wonderful world it would be if my product would be mandated to be purchased by all, and all lawsuits against me would be banned, and a special kangaroo court called vaers would pay for all provable damage that I have caused you, and then bill you the tax payer for paying out those injuries.”

  4. Sara Stern stop the misinformation. The measles outbreak is an epidemic not a joke as you think, this is a real emergency and you will bear responsibility for this misinformation and your fake anti vec advise . It’s real lives at stake here.

    • Meilech Weiss, why don’t you wonder why vaxxers are getting the measles when exposed to children with measles? Shouldn’t the vaxxers be 100% protected?
      The misinformation is from the Health Department who are lying to you. They’re blaming the anti-vaxxers instead of blaming their ineffective vaccines which not only doesn’t give one life immunity, those who get these injections lose the immunity. (And those who are injured by the vaccine, can’t even sue. This alone should turn on a red light in your head.) Unlike those who get the actual measles gain immunity! Had the vaccination worked well, the vaxxers wouldn’t get the measles ever again.
      The Williamsburg yiddelech b”H have the brains to understand the Health Dept’s lies.

  5. I am amazed that matzah continues to print these ridiculous responses from these anti Vaxxers.I insist the moon is made of cheese why don’t you print that? You are giving voices to all these crazies.

    I know kids autistic kids who were NOT VACCINATED!
    IT’S ALL BS!!


  7. Sorry, YOU are very MISINFOMED!!!
    A child is born with autism. Some kids display signs at an early age of a couple months. Milder cases are noticeable later on like at age 2.5/3.
    As a parent of such a precious child and having been thrown into a new world, I did a lot of research with therapists and doctors.
    Btw, I read the PEACH magazine and they state in that magazine that MMR does NOT cause autism!!! I will write up a separate message of why it is thought that it does but people are misled and misreading and misunderstanding.
    I hope the PIE magazine will clarify the REAL


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