Jewish World Takes Cantor Defeat Personally

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cantor1In one of the most stunning primary election upsets in congressional history, the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, was soundly defeated on Tuesday by a Tea Party-backed economics professor who had hammered him for being insufficiently conservative.

The result delivered a major jolt to the Republican Party – Mr. Cantor had widely been considered the top candidate to succeed Speaker John A. Boehner – and it has the potential to change both the debate in Washington on immigration and, possibly, the midterm elections.

The result is seen as a defeat for the Jewish world as well, as Cantor is a good friend of the Jewish community and of Israel.

Nathan Diament, Executive Director for Public Policy – Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, expressed those sentiments.

“I’ve had the privilege to know and work with Eric Cantor since his first days running for the House of Representatives,” said Diament. ” He is a friend and has been a critical partner for the advocacy work of the Orthodox Jewish community on issues ranging from Israel’s security and the security of Jewish institutions in the United States; to religious liberty; to educational reform; and to defending the needs of the nonprofit sector. In all these Eric has been a champion.”

Diament added: “Moreover, he has truly been the model in the Congress of a ‘distinguished gentleman’ or, in Jewish parlance, a ‘mensch’. He will be sorely missed. We wish him and his family God’s blessings in his future endeavors.”

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  1. And for some crazy reason the frum world marches to the beat of the Tea Party, following Rush et al blindly. Wouldn’t it make more sense to side with the moderates in the Republican Party? Cantor’s loss is only one example of what we have to lose by siding with extremists.

  2. Why should the Jewish World Care?! Personally, I think that the tea party candidate replacing a rino would be much better for the Jewish people in the long run; at any rate Eric Cantor might be ethnically a Jew, but his political policies do not show any kind of specific Jewish interest.

  3. In reply to post #2, the moderates in the Republican Party are just that: Moderate in their support of conservative causes and moderate in their cause for Jewish interests.

    We already have radical left-wing extremists running this country into the ground. Staggering debt, reckless spending, a foreign policy that hurts rather than helps the USA, social policies that are corrupting our country from the inside out, these extreme left-wing radicals have been steamrolling “moderate” Republicans for the past six years and two Presidential elections.

    Not only have “moderate” Republicans have offered little resistance in the face of the radical left-wing Obama Government, in some instances, they have actually facilitated Obama’s extremist left wing agenda.

    Let’s talk about the left’s extremism. Tea Party citizens simply want to preserve their liberty which is being taken away from them by heavy-handed government policies and reckless spending from the radical leftists.

    So, to answer your question, it makes perfect sense to help the Tea Party in any way we can to preserve our precious liberties from the radical statists!

  4. I don’t understand why they are talking about the Tea Party and being conservative, Most Jews vote democratic so they would have not voted for Cantor or anyone in the Tea Party.
    Maybe if more Jews started looking around and seeing how this country is failing and started voted for people to help this country, maybe Cantor would have been voted in again. But !

  5. Jo Shmo, would you please describe your Jewish credentials such as achievements in talmud Torah, gemilut chassadim, etc.?

    We are holding our breath!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We are still in golus. Moshiach has not arrived yet.

    Sometimes we can think that we ‘have arrived’, and that can be dangerous. Reminders are occasionally sent to make sure that we don’t forget it.

  7. #4, you just proved that extremists, whether they are left or right, are not good for our country. I am a conservative, but the Republicans will not win the presidency if they side with the conservative extremists,

  8. #2,

    1) Agreed that left-wing extremists are not good for this country.

    2) I never said that Tea Party Americans are extremists. You did. I said that citizens sympathetic to the Tea Party simply want to preserve and defend our mainstream American liberties as guaranteed by our Constitution. If this extremism, we indeed do have a serious problem in America.

    It is the sycophantic media aligned with the extremist left-wing radical elements that attack the Tea Party as “extreme”, “racist”, and “terrorist” without any basis whatsoever.

    In conclusion, Tea Party does not stand for extremism; rather, it stands for preservation of our mainstream American values — values that are under daily attack from the radical leftist extremists and the Obama Government.


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