Jewish Youth Listening Booth

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It is time to step up and be heard.

This week, Jewish youth organizations throughout the country will host various open forums to discuss the challenges faced by today’s youth, allowing individuals to share their personal experiences and ideas for how we should be addressing these pervasive issues as a community.

The “Listening Booth” is part of “Just Walk Beside Us” – a broader initiative of various organizations including Aliya, Our Place, Project Extreme and Amudim, who work directly with teens at risk and their families.

“There’s so much going on in people’s heads. Good stuff. New stuff. We really want people to come out and tell us about their aspirations, the possibilities they see,” said Rabbi Meir New, who leads Aliya girls Loft together with his wife Chaviva.

It will be an unprecedented opportunity to unite as a community in a respectful and authentic dialogue of this critical matter so that we can take the next step in creating tangible solutions for our children.

Participants in the open forum will have the option to share their ideas on video, which will be compiled into a short documentary to be aired prior to the campaign.

In its second year, the Annual Youth Giving Day embodies the legendary song of unity, faith, and belonging. “Just Walk Beside Us”, which will take place on the 27th of March, will strengthen the many organizations across the globe, who continue to dedicate themselves to providing today’s young men and women the friendship, guidance and space to find their place in the Jewish people’s mission.

For further press inquiries please contact Aryeh Young from Our Place at [email protected] or Yehuda Kirsh at [email protected].


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