Jewishg Army Engineer Wrongly Accused of Spying for Israel Loses Suit Against Government

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tenenbaumA Detroit-area man wrongly suspected of spying for Israel has failed to persuade a federal court to reinstate a lawsuit against the government.

An appeals court said today that David Tenenbaum is making the same arguments that led to the dismissal of a similar lawsuit filed in the late 1990s.

Tenenbaum sued the government again in 2009 after the Pentagon inspector general said his Orthodox Jewish religion was a factor in the espionage investigation. Tenenbaum believes the report helps him claim that the government wrongly invoked a state-secrets defense to get the first case dismissed.

The engineer works at an Army tank command in Warren, a Detroit suburb. Tenenbaum was never formally accused of spying for Israel but has said the investigation hurt his career.



  1. The heart breaks at seeing clear abuse of power and calousness by the Judicial system. This not only affects Mr. Tenenbaum but effectively snuffs out any civil rights protections for any civilian employee involved in senstive work.
    Shame on the Court
    Nebach for the Tenenbaum family

  2. this is a travesty of justice. wrongly accused, derailed career, family under stress for years and it is “dismisses”! He is the wrong color and wrong religion!


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