Jews Acquire Arab Building In Old City


The Ateret Cohanim organization which settles Jews in Yerushalayim’s Arab neighborhoods has purchased an old six-apartment building in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. Ateret Cohanim declared that its goal is to show that Arab terror and ongoing Arab incitement and violence will not drive Jews out of Yerushalayim and that acts of violence only strengthen Jewish resolve, strength of conviction, faith and fortitude.

Rav Nechemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett were murdered near the building’s location at the beginning of the terror wave during Sukkos. 5,000 Jews presently live in the Old City, 4,000 in the Jewish Quarter and 1,000 in the Muslim Quarter.

At the same time, Elad, another society which settles Jews in Arab neighborhoods, lost a court case against a Palestinian family and has to vacate one apartment of about twenty apartments it bought from Arabs in September 2014.

David Steger – Israel


  1. if the Zionists won in 67′ why are there ANY Arabs at all in the Old City, if they were smart and followed the Torah the Arabs would’ve gone home or been sent home to Jordan.


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