Jews Becoming Major Targets for Whiskey Industry

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whiskeyWhiskey producers have identified a valuable market, and it might come as a bit of a surprise: Jews-and in particular observant Jews.

Writes the New York Times: “Retailers have long recognized Jews as valuable customers. ‘Jewish men are very interested in the selection of whiskey available at a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah,’ said Jonathan Goldstein, vice president of Park Avenue Liquor Shop, a Manhattan store known for its whiskey selection. ‘They very often will pick up a special bottle to offer close friends or relatives.’ Of the Friday before the Jewish holiday of Purim, last February, he said, ‘It was like Christmas in here.'”

One of the ways in which Whiskey producers have moved to court the Jewish consumer is by certifying their whiskeys as kosher-or by making special kosher batches.

For example, Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky enlisted “the Chicago Rabbinical Council in laying down more than 1,000 barrels of three styles of whiskey, all certified kosher and set for release in five or six months,” writes the Times.

The Royal Wine Corporation, a New York producer of kosher wine and grape juice, asked Wesley Henderson to make a kosher-certified version of his boutique bourbon, Angel’s Envy. “We were looking for a bourbon line in general,” Shlomo S. Blashka, a wine and spirits educator at Royal, told the Times. “The Jewish community is a very big bourbon community.”

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  1. A whole new generation of young drinkers are coming their way.
    Smart businessmen and stupid parents are great for the whiskey industry.

  2. Just drink whisky (no e) instead. All whisky is kosher, even the stuff aged in wine barrels. See Rav Usher Weiss’s most recent Tshuva on this topic in his recently published Minchas Asher, where he brings yet another compelling reason that it is muttar, over and above the permissive reasons given by R’ Moshe, and Dayan Weiss.

    Bourbon? Yuck. They should get some good supervised Cognac instead. The French stuff is a rip off (way too expensive)

  3. what a shame?

    is this what we as jews are supposed to be known for? our alchoholic drinking.

    lets make the media proud of us for our unity together or for our kindness to each other etc…

  4. Ugh. Remember when a drunken Jew was a contradiction in terms? Halacha requires wine, or at least grape juice. There’s no requirement written anywhere about whiskey. (Remember in Shmuel Alef that Eli was outraged because he thought Channah had been drinking “hard” liquor?) Don’t talk to me about resisting assimilation by opposing the Internet. We’ve gone most of the way already, when this sort of thing happens.

  5. Shmuel (comment above)
    a little alcohol on Shabbos is a chesed to yourself and will help you do chesed toward others.

  6. Just because one is a whisky taster does not make one a drunk. I was at the Whisky Jewbilee at WSIS last year. There were a couple hundred frum there tasting whisky and pouring out what we didn’t want (spittoons were on every table). There was lots of glatt food there to help make sure no one got affected too much by the alcohol. Every one was happy, not drunk. It was a wonderful bringing together of community. Whisky or wine, what does it matter. Both can get abused. Both can bring the attention of those that think drinking is makes you alcoholic. Whisky, like wine, is not a curse if treated properly.

    And, it’s all kosher! No need for hechsheirim AT ALL!!


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