Jews for Cruz: $1 Million for Ted Cruz!

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-Communicated- In this 24 hour period every dollar you give will be matched and QUADRUPLED by the Wilks family! Here’s the thing; It’s all or nothing, if we don’t reach one million, all donations will be returned. We can do this, together!

Ted’s track record of keeping to his promises:

Several months ago, we realized the upcoming presidential election is arguably the most important one of our lifetime. Either we will restore our nation’s foundational principles, or our children and grandchildren will grow up under a European-style socialism.

Unwilling to give up on America so easily, we pooled our resources and established a PAC to get behind the most trusted and consistent conservative running for president—Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz went to the U.S. Senate as an outsider promising to fight the Washington Cartel. Since then, he’s led the fight against ObamaCare, stopped the Gang of Eight bill, and exposed leaders of both parties for their corrupt backdoor deals.

But even before his time in the Senate, Ted Cruz spent years as Texas Solicitor General, fighting to keep the Ten Commandments at the Texas State Capitol, defending the veterans memorial in the Mojave Desert, and protecting the words under God in the Pledge of Allegiance. More than any other presidential candidate, Ted stands with and for Israel!

Ted’s willingness to stand up to Washington special interests and to fight for what’s right is the reason why so many Americans are coalescing around his campaign. We know that when Ted Cruz says he is going to do something, he’ll do exactly what he promised.

Where the funds are going?

  • For every $10 we can tell 2,000 people on Facebook why Ted Cruz is the best man for the job!
  •  15% used for overhead costs, the rest goes directly towards RTP activities.

What activities does RTP do?

  • Keep the Promise III PAC (KTPIII) dba RTP has assembled an innovative and committed group of new media marketers, analysts, creatives, and strategists to support Ted Cruz for President.  Combining data modeling, social media, Internet marketing, cutting-edge creative, and some of the newest tools from Facebook and Google, KTPIII is reaching the right voters, at the right time, with the right message.  And they are reaching them with a relentless approach to cost-effectiveness. And it’s working.

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  1. This is so stupid…. There are yidden starving and having souras and you want us to give money for a goyasha politician who will say anything to get elected (no such thing as an honost politician).

  2. @Not Stupid
    No it’s not stupid. If you would open your eyes and see what true risk America and by extension – more importantly – the Jews, are facing in this election cycle, you wouldn’t make such a statement.

  3. If you are a jew voting for Ted Cruz, you are sitting in the churchyard and thinking that G-d will give you a cigar. The idea is far fetched, but if you want a cigar, go to a nicer place and actually buy one. The church yard for a jew to smoke a cigar is a mockery of Israel.

    The fish on his bumper is twelve stories large.

    Did you not notice that was who you were voting for?


  4. Its a great thing.
    And by the way for the guy saying there are yiden starving, he forgot that there are also yiden in israel who are in danger.


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