JFK Passengers Allowed To Walk Through Security Without Being Screened

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The New York Daily News is reporting that no fewer that 11 unidentified passengers walked through a security lane without being screened at about 6 a.m. at Terminal 5 at Kennedy Airport early today because the TSA left the area open and unattended and TSA took two hours before letting the Port Authority Police Department know about the breach.

A security camera captured a metal detector going off three times as the travelers walked through. Despite intensive examinations of surveillance photos, none of the travelerswere found.

Scary stuff, friends.




  1. What’s so scary? It probably went off because one had a belt on and the other guy his phone and the third one had a quarter in his pocket.

  2. But yet no one was or will be fired. The corrupt inept TSA should be discontinued and be given over to a private security firm.


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