Jill Stein Drops Pennsylvania Recount Bid Because of $1 Million Bond

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Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is dropping her bid for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania after a judge asked for the required $1 million bond to initiate a recount. But Stein said late Saturday that she would file a court motion in federal court on Monday to demand a recount.

“The judge’s demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a shameful, unacceptable barrier to democratic participation,” Stein said in a statement. “This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters.” Stein had unsuccessfully filed for recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, two other states won by President-elect Donald Trump. Lawyers for Trump countered in their own court motion that there is “no evidence—or even an allegation—that any tampering with Pennsylvania’s voting systems actually occurred.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. Typical Liberal crybaby. If the law rules against you, just make a temper tantrum so the corrupt DNC controlled media changes the law. If all else fails, just let the dumb stupid gullible worthless taxpayers foot the bill for your “cause”. Now we see how important it was that Trump won the election. Hopefully the supreme.court can still be saved.

  2. I hardly care about the pathetic recount, except that I somehow enjoy waste of money donated by the losers. Still, may be it is better to focus on the 2020 election and propose improvements to the fragile machine-counting and integrity-check business, and since for good or for bad we are stuck with this electoral system at this time, do something to increase the confidence of every voter in the “democratic” process, whether their opinion is D or is R or is anything else.


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