Jimmy Carter Hails Iran Deal As Historic Opportunity

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jimmy-carterJimmy Carter has warmly welcomed the agreement that has been reached in Geneva regarding the nuclear program of Iran.

“We are all aware of the risks involved,” said Carter, the former US president who clashed with Iran during his term of office.

“But I am convinced that, after 35 years of animosity and distrust, there is an historic opportunity to rebuild relations with the government and people of Iran on solid foundations of mutual respect,” Carter said in a statement released by his group.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. these are the people who brought you obamacare
    remember benghazi?

    such incompetance

    he was the guy who had problems with iran in the first place, dysfunction with dysfunction

  2. Jimma always has to stick his two cents in!

    Like y’all said, you know that if this “deal” has got Carter’s haskama on it, its a RAW deal for Israel and for America.


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