Joe Biden: Donald Trump’s Rust-Belt Voters ‘Love Me More’


Joe Biden said Monday that the blue-collar Rust Belt voters who voted for President Trump “love me more” if the former VP were to run against Trump in 2020. Biden made the comment to Megyn Kelly on NBC’s Today after she claimed that “the blue-collar Rust Belt-ers you need to win already love Donald Trump.”

The former Delaware Senator-turned-VP responded that he “understand[s] the Rust Belt. Donald Trump has no notion what those people are going through… It’s not a criticism; it’s an observation. They call me Middle Class Joe—it’s not meant as a compliment in Washington, it means I’m not sophisticated. But I understand what built this country. The only thing I know I know is the middle class, their hopes and aspirations, because it’s where I come from. It’s what I am.” Read more at DEADLINE.



  1. Joe, you’re full of it. If you claim that you’re middle class, why haven’t you given a single penny towards black folks for their rightful reparations? You’re a privileged white man who has ignored the history of what your grandfathers did to black slaves. I’m very disappointed that you’re trying to squirt the issue.


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