Joe Biden ‘Embarrassed’ by 2016 Campaign


Vice President Joe Biden is “embarrassed” by the divisiveness with which the 2016 presidential campaign played out. “It was more a battle of personalities than it was a battle of ideas in my view,” Biden said Thursday at an event organized by New York University in Washington, D.C. “I find myself embarrassed by the nature of the way in which this campaign was conducted. So much for the shining city on the hill.”

Biden also accused the press of failing to cover Clinton’s “ideas” and her qualifications to be president. “It wasn’t your fault. When a guy talks about…when a guy says some of the incredibly outrageous things that were said, it sucks up all the oxygen in the air.” Earlier this week, Biden hinted that he would be open to running for president in 2020, but later said he has “no intention” to throw his hat into the ring. Read more at CNN.



  1. Biden is an embarrassment to the entire Country, as he stood by quietly while the incompetent Obama caused the biggest racial divide in this Nations history! What a stinking hypocrite! Biden is an evil hateful man. The Country will do better once Joe rides off into the sunset.


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