Joe Biden: ‘It’s Legitimate’ For People to Worry He’s Too Old to Run

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President Joe Biden says he completely understands the concerns over his age, but the 80-year-old has one thing to say to doubters: “Watch me.”

In an ABC News interview with David Muir, Biden hinted he’s still planning to run for reelection, and his age isn’t a concern. That said, he understands why others may be nervous given he’s the oldest president in U.S. history.

“It’s legitimate for people to raise issues about my age,” he said. “It’s totally legitimate to do that. And the only thing I can say is, ‘Watch me.’” Biden would be 82 when sworn into a second term. Read more at ABC News.


  1. Nobody is voting for the original Biden who’s long gone. The question is how old the ones playing Biden are?

  2. Mr. President, we HAVE been watching you and noting your cognitive decline. It’s not your fault and you don’t deserve to be ridiculed for it – it’s a natural process of aging. But fault or no fault, you are not cognitively competent enough to lead the USA. On the other hand, many Americans appear to be more and more moronic and confused, not even knowing which gender they are, so perhaps a senile president may be appropriate for them.


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