Joe Lieberman Undecided on Presidential Race

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liebermanThe former Democratic vice presidential nominee in the 2000 election has not decided who he’ll be voting for this time around. Lieberman made the admission in a C-Span appearance that broadcast earlier today:

“Having decided to stay out of politics in my own career this year, I’m going to enjoy the privilege that most every other American enjoys, which is just going into the booth and voting privately on Election Day,” said Lieberman, who is retiring from the Senate. “I’m glad to be out of the cross-fire.”

When a questioner follows up to ask whether he’s undecided, Lieberman says, “Yeah, I really am.”

“Why?,” the questioner asks. “Well, because it’s a complicated decision, and there’s a lot left before the Election Day, particularly the debates, which I think are going to be very important. And, you know, I’m exercising the glorious liberty that an independent has to not make up one’s mind until one goes into the booth to vote.”

In 2008, Lieberman opposed Democrat Barack Obama and instead supported Republican John McCain.


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