JOE TO TURN 81: Biden Advisers Divided on How to Handle Age Problem: Report

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President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign continues discussions on how to handle the president’s age during election season. Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Quentin Fulks, reportedly told donors at the DNC fundraiser retreat in September that he advised focusing on Biden’s accomplishments instead of his age. Other donors are reportedly pushing for more jokes about the president’s age, a strategy Biden has deployed by publicly making self-deprecating remarks about his age at fundraisers while simultaneously roasting Trump.

Biden is America’s oldest president and is turning 81 on Monday.

Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff for the president’s first two years in office acknowledged that “everyone knows it’s an issue, and we have to address it.” Klain said it will be important in Biden’s reelection campaign to “emphasize [that] it gives him more wisdom and experience, how he’s navigated this difficult problem in Ukraine.” Read more at Politico.


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