John Bolton: A Second Trump Term Would Be Dangerous For Israel

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Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton warned that President Trump’s reelection could imperil Israel.

Speaking with Israel’s Channel 13 in an interview which is set to be aired Thursday night, Bolton said he fears that if President Trump is reelected this November, it could create a ‘risk’ for Israel.

Specifically, Bolton claimed that Trump is “eager” to open negotiations with Iran and could offer sanctions relief, something which would pose a “a danger”.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Trump is a difficult boss to work for. John Bolton got bruised in his interaction with Trump. Trump possibly hurt him. But there is no reason to air lies about him. The choice between Trump and Joe Biden is easy and clear cut. Joe Biden would be a disaster for America for Israel. If Biden wins חס ושלום , he will destroy America while Israel will face the Arabs and Iran all by itself.
    THEREFORE, go out and vote for Trump 2020 !!!

    • Even according to Bolton, Trump is 50-50, while Joe Biden is a sure disaster for Israel. Joe Biden will turn America into a 3rd world country, on par with Senegal and Uganda.
      We should do our hishtadlus and vote for Trump 2020.

  2. Don’t give this fellow a platform.
    He is full of hatred against Trump for sacking him.
    Does he really think Biden will be great for Israel?
    He would be replaced within days from election by a fat black antisemitic woman.

  3. What a pukish little man.
    Speaking to Iran , getting them to change course, stop them from exporting terror , would be in Israel’s interest and they would be for it. Nobody wants war if peaceful talks can be a solution.
    Trump is not abandoning Israel, you spiteful
    backstabbing punk.

  4. Specifically, Bolton claimed that Trump is “eager” to open negotiations with Iran and could offer sanctions relief, something which would pose a “a danger”.

    And Biden wouldn’t do that ?And worse?

    Either Bolton had a personal fallout with Trump or he went off the rails.

    To be clear I’m not a Trump supporter but there is just something off with Bolton.

  5. john bolton = fake news
    this has been proven by excerpts from his “book”
    there hasn’t been a better American president to Israel than Trump

  6. Aha, so Bolton is insinuating that we should vote for Biden/Obama and that would be better for Israel?! Did this imbicle fall on his head?
    In order to stay a media darling or sell books, a so-called Republican must constantly bash, perhaps, the greatest President of OUR lives.

  7. Bolten must be really suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, which is a shame because it’s clowning his judgment.

  8. Boom chuck-a chuck-a. The Bolton guy is stump proof. No dip. No blip. Money.

    Israel milk and honey is just too stick and sure their bite. And maybe its still just a cholesterol thing.

    McDonalds is graded.

  9. Yeah, sure, John, the President is suddenly going to switch course from supporting Israel in word and deed, and fighting Iran with sanctions and more, to supporting a regime that wants him dead? Now, if you were talking about President Obama, then we would believe you.


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