John Bolton Endorses Romney

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boltonJohn Bolton, the former U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, endorsed presidential candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday.

Bolton made the endorsement on Fox News Channel, where he is a paid contributor.

“I followed the way that the William F. Buckley, Jr. test: find the most conservative candidate capable of getting elected, and there are obviously two variables there,” Bolton said on Fox News’ “On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren.”

“In the words of the old song ‘Give Me That Old Time Religion,’ Romney is conservative enough and I think that’s critical.”

Bolton served in the administrations of former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush before former President George W. Bush appointed him the U.N. role.

Bolton endorsed Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid in February 2008, and briefly flirted with a presidential run for himself in 2011.

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  1. Suffice to say that John Bolton is a business degree and works to pay his own child support off with his own ill will for the American Flag.

  2. I am shocked. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence can see that Mitt Romney is a moderate that is left of center. What caused Bolton to make such a foolish announcement is a mystery. Newt out of all the candidates is the most conservative and is intelligent and articulate. Romney constantly hedges during the debates and comes across as self-absorbed and arrogant.

    If Mitt wins, there will be another four years of Obama, c’v.


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