John Kerry Met With Father of ‘Martyr’ Killed During Mavi Marmara Ambush on Israeli Troops

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secretary-of-state-john-kerry-meets-with-ahmet-doganSecretary of State John Kerry met with the father of one of the men killed during the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident in Washington last week while Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was in town.

According to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, Ahmet Doğan, whose son Furkan Doğan was a Turkish-American dual citizen, met with Kerry May 17th. He handed Kerry a letter for U.S. President Barack Obama and gave information about the pending trial of Israeli soldiers involved in the raid.

TheBlaze published tweets from Davutoğlu’s Twitter account that detailed the meeting.

“This morning I had breakfast with my American colleague John Kerry. Ahmet Doğan, the father of Furkan Doğan, one of the Mavi Marmara martyrs, also attended,” the first tweet says.

“We shared the events on the Mavi Marmara and Furkan’s pain,” says the second.

And finally: “Ahmet gave the letter addressed to Mr. Obama to Mr. Kerry. Mr. Kerry said that he would pass the letter on to President Obama.”

In April, Kerry drew criticism for comparing the families mourning their loved ones killed in the Boston Marathon bombing with the families of those killed on the Mavi Marmara after those aboard the boat attempted to lynch IDF troops who boarded their vessel for a routine inspection. Seven of those aboard the Mavi Marmara had expressed a desire to become “martyrs.”


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  1. Maybe Kerry can meet with the father of the Tzarnaev terrorists too and then go visit the nice terrorists in Guantanamo too.


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