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Rabbi Mici Mark Hy”d, the beloved Executive Director of Yeshivat Torat Shraga, was murdered by terrorists last week while driving his car on his way to Yerushalayim to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday. He was 46 years old. His wife, Chavi, and 2 of his 10 children were in the car with him and, with Hashem’s help, they will recover from their injuries.
Rabbi Mark’s talmidim and those who knew him have a tremendous amount of hakoras hatov to him and the yeshiva.
The Mark family is their family, their yeshiva family.
Understandably, his children are now traumatized and are frightened to travel in a car without being bullet-proofed. There are only two bullet-proof buses that travel daily out of the town of Otniel, where they live. The community of Otniel has suffered greatly from terror attacks.
R’ Mici was the 11th victim.
The Mark family has turned to the yeshiva to help them with a campaign so that they can to travel to and from their community without fear and trauma. is joining with the family to try to raise $220,000 in order to cover the cost of a Mitsubishi Pajero, which will be built with special bulletproof glass and metal plates.
The family will also share the vehicle with other members of the Otniel community, like the Meir family, whose wife and mother, Dafna z”l, was murdered in their home.
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