Join Live: Siyum on Daf Yomi Maseches Shabbos This Motzoei Shabbos on, 10:30 PM ET

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What better way to celebrate the completion of Maseches Shabbos than by elevating the meaning of Hanhagos, Halachos, and Tefillos of Shabbos?


Ki Heim Chayeinu invites you to join us in keeping the flame of The Siyum alive – each in our own home, but unified by its message.


Hear from renowned Rabbanim and speakers including R’ Pinchos Friedman, R’ Yitzchok Sorotzkin, R’ Eli Mansour, and R’ Paysach Krohn as they explore the depths of Shabbos in honor of Shabbos, and enjoy a live performance by the Yedidim choir, R’ Shloime Taussig, and R’ Yisroel Werdyger accompanied by live music.


In conjunction with this momentous Siyum, we will be launching our B’dibbur Echad video series, with enlightening and fascinating insights into all aspects of Shabbos.


Never experience Shabbos the same way again!


Watch the Siyum live on Motzaei Shabbos and sign up for the video series at


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