Joke’s On Apple: FBI Hacks San Bernardino Shooter iPhone

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It has been reported this afternoon that the Department of Justice is set to withdraw its legal action against Apple after first seeking to compel the tech company to create software to unlock San Bernadino shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone. According to the report, an “outside method to bypass the locking function of a San Bernardino terrorist’s phone has proved successful,” thus rendering any federal legal action obsolete. Read more at USA Today.



  1. Hahahahah thats what they get all they had to do was help the fbi bypass the lock function so the phone didnt erase the info permanently if they dont Crack the code. Now the fbi is ahead of the game and apple will have to rethink their software tp keep it more secure seems like they are worse 0ff than if they woud have just helped.

  2. The joke is on the FBI. They lost. All along, the FBI had this “new” way of bypassing. However, they wanted Apple to officially hand over all their secrets. Apple was right in – in this case – for opposing Big Brother’s invasive attempts.

    • I’m glad that at least one clear thinker here kept hit tinfoil hat on so the black helicopters’ mind-control rays were ineffective. Keep fighting the NWO!


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