Jonathan Pollard Loses His Job Due To Parole Conditions

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jonathan pollardAn employer who had intended to give a salaried position to Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard retracted the offer Monday, because the conditions of his parole would have prevented him from doing his job, the JPost reports.

Pollard received an offer to become a research analyst in the finance department of a respected investment firm. But his parole conditions require him to wear an electronic ankle bracelet at all times for GPS tracking of his whereabouts and to be subjected to unfettered monitoring and inspection of his computers and those of his employer.

He cannot leave his home in New York City before 7 a.m. or come home after 7 p.m., which makes it difficult to travel to and from work, go to shul and the like.



  1. Enforcing every last stringency of his parole to the letter is vindictive and petty. Surely some accommodation can be reached with Israel that won’t embarrass the U.S. government and will allow Pollard to live a normal life in a country where he isn’t viewed as a traitor. If and (hopefully) when that does happen, Israel should do everything they can to low-key it and not embarrass or appear ungrateful toward its greatest supporter.

  2. I speculate that since a large part of the US intelligence community have strong feelings that he shouldn’t have been released at all (since they believe he did far more damage than his supporters claim), the authorities are trying to placate the intelligence people by making as many restrictions for him as they can. He’s still far better off than in prison and I’m sure he — and his wife — know it. (Is he allowed to make minyanim in his apartment?) I suggest getting him a job editing Torah materials for a frum publisher (he writes very well) which will give him the opportunity to keep his head in Torah, and which he can do from home, and monitoring his computer communications shouldn’t cause any problems. I’m sure there are wealthy people who’d be happy to sponsor projects for him to edit (and thereby make themselves into his Zevuluns), but it would still look like he’s working for an established publisher.

  3. I can’t believe that they are doing this to him. It is totally uncalled for. I don’t know how other parolees are treated; however, my impression is that they are encouraged to integrate into normal daily living and society. Obama and his ilk are making this impossible for Pollard. They are being vindictive because he is a Jew and not for any other reason. Shame on them.


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