Jordanian Justice Minister Lavishes Praise On Former Soldier Who Brutally Murdered Seven Israeli Schoolchildren


jordanThe National Council of Young Israel today denounced remarks made by Jordanian Justice Minister Hussein Mujalli after he heaped lavish praise on a former Jordanian soldier who brutally murdered seven Israeli schoolchildren.

Mujalli, who just recently became Jordan’s Justice Minister, referred to murderer Ahmad Dakamseh as a “hero” and stated that “he does not deserve prison.” Mujalli also participated in a rally which called for the release of Dakamseh, who is currently serving a life sentence for his actions. In addition, Mujalli, who previously served as president of the Jordan Bar Association and was Dakamseh’s attorney, noted his intent to continue defending Dakamseh and making his case a top priority.

In March 1997, Dakamseh fired his gun at a group of eighth-grade girls from an Israeli school during a visit to Naharayim, otherwise known as the Island of Peace, which is an area of land in the Jordan Valley that is shared by Israel and Jordan. Seven girls died and several other individuals were injured in the attack.

“Jordanian Justice Minister Hussein Mujalli’s coldhearted comments, in which he glorified a heinous terrorist act carried out by a murderer, were absolutely shocking,” said National Council of Young Israel President Shlomo Z. Mostofsky. “Ahmad Dakamseh’s senseless act of violence targeted innocent children and cut their lives short in one tragic and horrifying moment. Contrary to the Justice Minister’s assertion, Dakamseh is not a hero; he is a heartless and inhumane individual who deserves to languish in prison for what he did.”

Mostofsky also called upon the Jordanian government to publicly reprimand Mujalli and remove him from his position as Justice Minister in light of his insensitive comments.

“Mr. Mujalli’s remarks about Ahmad Dakamseh highlight his apparent lack of understanding of what justice is all about, and call into question his ability to serve as the Jordanian government’s leading emissary for law and order,” said Mostofsky. “The removal of Hussein Mujalli as Justice Minister is certainly warranted under the circumstances.”

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