Journalist Asks Hillary Clinton a Question… by Rolling an Orange to the Front of Her Plane


Ezra Dulis reports for Breitbart: Hillary Clinton’s press corps continues to demonstrate how professional reporters ask hard questions of the Democratic presidential candidate — with notes written on an orange rolled on the floor of an airplane.

ABC News’s Liz Kreutz reports that on Tuesday night someone rolled a piece of fruit from the back of Clinton’s plane to the campaign staff section at the front. They requested that she circle one of two answers.

BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer appears to be the reporter who rolled the literal soft ball. Cramer has previously written a 6,000+-word profile of Clinton painting her as a “love and kindness” candidate. Cramer did not immediately respond to a request to confirm the observation.

The orange asked Hillary: “who would you rather have dinner w…Trump or Putin?”

Clinton herself did not answer the question written on the orange.

As social media users began to mock the press’s orange roll, veteran reporters objected that the practice has been a campaign-trail tradition for decades.

However, the pointlessness of the question reinforces concerns about the press’s non-confrontational approach to covering the Democratic candidate. She may soon reach the milestone of 300 days without a formal press conference, and her press corps will not touch controversial topics — like foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation or the just-released FBI notes on her unsecured, homebrew email server from which she conducted all her business as secretary of state.





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