Judge Defers Decision on Camps

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A federal judge has deferred a decision on whether to impose a temporary restraining order on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to ban sleepaway camps this summer.

The Association of Jewish Camp Operators sued the State due to the June 12 announcement that there would be no sleepaway camp allowed in New York this summer.

Later, they filed for a temporary restraining order in which a hearing was held about today. After the hearing, the judge said there would not be an immediate decision. A ruling is expected within the next week.

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  1. Defer on a Temporary Restraining Order??? Time to pull the lawsuit, unless you want Aiva. This was a nice try with little substance, continuing won’t work out well for the community.

    • Just being alive is aiva. The goyim hate us like poison so what should we do? Mass suicide? Convert to Christianity? Become slaves to them? Stick with your mesira on those who dare daven with a legal safe Minyan.

      • last time I checked going to sleepaway camp wasnt in the chumash neither the talmud or neither in all the commentators down through history.
        people try to emulate europe so often. I dont think sleepaway camp was necessary in europe to produce Gedolim. so save your arguements of it’s of utmost necessity for jews.

        • They didn’t have flush toilets either. No such thing as air conditioning. No contact lenses. No combustion engine. What’s your point? We should stumble around like a hunchback in the middle ages? I’m surprised you’re able to leave comments on this website. Website? What’s that? Oh, internet? What’s the internet? How does that work? If you insist on living in the past, you should take off your suit and walk around with a few fig leaves covering your private parts, holding a torch in your hand to lead the way.

  2. All of the sudden everybody is such a expert on Ava. Where is everyone when zoning boards do things where Eva is obvious and for a few dollars no one is interested in Ava

  3. In these situations, lawyers as well as doctors try as little intervention possible and hope for the maximum return on their efforts. This “Camp” effort has been a classic Shtadlonus matter. First you try talking to the local State officials, then the Health officials, the Governor’s office …..and then, with Rabbinic approval, the Courts.
    This is not an issue standing on its own feet. Will the government want to pass a law regarding educational standards, or Bris Milah or….?Free exercise of religion is at stake here. You must draw a line in the sand, somewhere.
    Kudos to the Aguda on this one.
    Mordechai Avigdor

  4. Obviously it’s an issue that a competent rav must pasken. Given the fact that AJCO was the plaintifff the rabbanim in the aggudah clearly decided it was appropriate to go head with the lawsuit. It’s not eivah if its done in a way that doesn’t upset the people in sullivan county. The plan is to isolate everyone in camp and use hatzolah to transport anyone needing medical attention to nyc so for sullivan its better that camps open and people be there than that they be in bungalow colonies or summer homes and not be isolated. So not really an issue of eivah if done properly cuz not upsetting anyone.


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