Judge Give The Go Ahead To Lakewood’s Eagle Ridge Development Plan

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The Asbury Press Park reported that a judge has denied a last-minute request to further postpone a proposal to build 500 to 1,000 residences on a Lakewood Township golf course, a ruling that clears the controversial plan to be considered by planning officials Tuesday.

Ocean County Superior Court Judge Marlene Lynch Ford ruled Monday after a 40-minute hearing that there was no legal basis for her to preempt The Parke at Lakewood from seeking approval from the Lakewood Township Planning Board.

The Parke, an affiliate of GDMS Holdings LLC, has submitted an application to build a combined residential and retail complex on what is now Eagle Ridge Golf Club in the township’s southwest corner. The planning board is slated to consider the project at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the municipal building, 231 Third St. in Lakewood.

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  1. We of the charedi Jewish community ought to recognize that we must also be considerate of others who are not of our persuasion. Imagine you were a Gentile who decided to spend his golden years in a rural atmosphere next door to where he could practice his favorite pastime: golf. He invested his life savings in what he thought would be final residence. The golf course that was his nexus was particularly zoned for sedate recreational purposes. He now finds that the golf course changed hands. A developer bought the property and is now asking the town to change the zoning of the golf course area to permit him to demolish the golf course and erect 500 to 1,000 residences. Naturally this would be a windfall for the developer, should he succeed in his application.

    But at what cost? To us, the Charedi community, the game of golf is meaningless, but to the area’s current residents it is their life, their religion if you will. Imagine if a group of Gentiles bought off a shul or yeshiva property and tried to convert its use to a night club or other unsuitable purpose. It would not be “geshmack” and we would do our best to block such a move. How could we allow a house of prayer to be converted into a place of frivolity?

    To the Gentile golf is a sacrament. If you ever saw a golfer trying to make a fifteen foot putt you world be witnessing someone engaged in serious prayer. It is no wonder that these good citizens are opposing this development.

    C’mon let’s be “menschen” and share this town with our peaceful neighbors.

  2. Your thinking is far left. First of all the golf course is a private buisness. It can b sold to anyone for anything. This is all buisness. The owner sold the new owner can use as he sees fit. So long as its legal.

  3. Leaving all golf aside, why would anyone, including the chareidi Jews in Lakewood want an additional 1000 – 2000 more families crowding the already over-populated roads and schools. The last piece of open space in Lakewood, it will soon become a concrete jungle. It may not be on top of everyone else in Lakewood, but these homes (and probably basement rentals) will just be on top of everyone else going down the 9; vying for a spot in every Bais Yaakov; creating even more of a strain to the bussing situation; creating even more hatered towards the Jews (they always blame the Jews) for over developing the once rural town. no one will be getting benefit from the building project there except the developers.

  4. Thank you MATZAV for showing Hashem that you are just as corrupt as the politicians and others by not posting my previous true and chonest post and you will have to answer Hashem in the Olam haemes for your dishonesty

    I’m already ashamed to be a yid with a frum website who is so dishonest and corrupt.

    Shame on you MATZAV
    do teshuva before it’s too late and post my original post from a few hours ago


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