Judge Napolitano: The US Government Lied To Us

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Judge Andrew Napolitano explained yesterday how Obama’s chief advisor Ben Rhodes and the US government lied to the American people about the Iran nuclear deal.




  1. Napolitano is hot headed. He can not make ease of human liberty by jive hated loss. Not a patriot with humane fate.

    Fickle voter. He is never worth much conversation.

    Fool with a prior bench. Uno is his favorite gameto play with voters. The hate conspiracy for humane intelligence continues on FOX news.

    Gong show needed.

  2. Ha!
    Is all they have to say??
    This shows theire unwilines to listen to a yid only because he is a yid!
    Now what are they planning to do??
    Sit and let Israel fight them? –And later critizice them??


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