Judge Ruchie Freier Saves A Passenger Aboard Lufthansa Flight

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Judge Ruchie Freier made kiddush Hashem on a Lufthansa flight  recently when she was able to provide medical care to a passenger who had a medical emergency mid flight.

Freier, a frum woman from Boro Park who is also a medic that opened a female volunteer paramedic service called Ezras Nashim, received the above letter from the airline thanking her for her work aboard the plane.

Lufthansa also offered Freier a 150 euro voucher for their airline as a thank you for her service.



    • Because the whole purpose of Ruchie starting the Ezras Nashim was so that there should be an Organization of women for women. They claimed that for a man to help save a womans life is not tznius as there is negia involved. They are mamesh so holy that only a woman is allowed to save a fellow woman. So the questioner has a valid point. If it was a man Ruchie was helping, it would be highly hypocritical of her.

  1. To: ah yid #2

    You’re train of thought is EXACTLY what the Gemora calls a chosid SHOITA !!!!

    If it were you, on the plane, you would check if the patient is a male or a female?

    The patient would be dead by the time you decided to treat the patient. !!!!

    Of course, you would of called YOUR Rebbe to find out if there are any CHUMROS that prevent you from saving a human life on this flight !!!!!

    Of course, you would first have to find out if the patient is an Aharoni chosid, or a Zalmoni Chosid !!!!!!!!

    Is the patient a chosid or a Yeshivishe guy??!!!!!!

    Does he wear a bekisha or a frock on Shobos??!!!!!!!

    Were this patient’s zeidys Belzer Chasidim? Munkatcher Chasidim? Gerrer Chasidim?

    Is the patient a Bobov – 48 Chosid, Or a Bobov – 45 Chosid..

    ah yid ZIL GEMOIR…….

    Get an education 1st before you write your Shtusim !!!!!!!!

    The gemora calls you a Chosid SHIY>>>

    See you at the SHIUR

  2. “kidush H”? Not likely. Should be classified as darkey sholom, which is very important, but it ain’t Kidush H. Nice PR and all, but the only reason why she was elected judge by our community, was not to be a public relations person, but to even the playing field for frum people who may have a misfortune of dealing with the liberal-dominated anti-Jewish NY judicial system. We are not looking for someone to be “impartial” at our expense in her pursuit of goyishe approval, but a ruthless bulldog who has no qualms about using any means in fight for our rights. That means ignoring whatever idiotic liberal NY judicial rules there may be, in order to deny bail to a violent islamonazi who attacked an elderly Jewish man without any provocation. If her PR quest is more important than serving her constituents, then another judge should be elected by our community. By the way, she may be the most wonderful person in her private life – still, that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t cut out for this particular elected office.

      • 7:54, the fact is that she set up the bail at a pathetic 15 thousand, without regarding that this violent islamonazi will be able to continue to attack us. The original third degree assault charges don’t matter, as judges have dictatorial powers and she could have made every effort, irrelevant of guidelines, to keep the islamonazi locked up. Lipa Swartz’s personal opinions don’t change the facts – he may rationalize all he wants, but it is not about him, it is about saving future possible victims.

  3. Why is a Yid flying on Luftwaffe (sic) airlines? There are six million reasons why I refuse to own a German car or fly on a German airline. They don’t deserve my money or my support.

  4. Some of these comments remind me of the story of the shlemazel spilling soup on the schlemiel, with the shmegege wanting to know what kind of soup it was…:):):)

    • Legal advice: if you ever give medical help to someone on a plane and the airline offers you something like a voucher don’t accept it, if you take the voucher you can now be sued bec you are no longer covered by the good Samaritan act as you are considered to have been paid for your service

  5. Matzav states “a passenger who had a medical emergency mid flight.”

    “Medical emergency” seems quite dire, like a life-threatening situation perhaps.

    In the airline letter, however, the expression “medical emergency” does not appear.

    Rather it states “you provided medical assistance to……sick passenger”, which sounds less dire, and perhaps less than life-threatening.

    Perhaps more details will emerge?


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