Judge Rules Mets Can Sell Kosher Food On Shabbos


citifieldA federal judge has ordered the Mets to stop banning a kosher food company from selling snacks at CitiField on Shabbos.  “I cannot get involved in (a dispute) over rabbinical law,” Brooklyn Judge Jack Weinstein said with a smile during a hearing Friday.

Kosher Sports, which has a 10-year contract to sell franks and other good at the stadium, sued the Mets after being told they couldn’t operate on Friday nights and Shabbosos.

The Mets say the company can’t be kosher if they’re operating on Shabbos, when many religious Jews don’t work.

Kosher Sports says it doesn’t cater only to Jews, should be able to sell wieners any day of the week and was given the green light to stay open.

The suit has not been resolved. But Weinstein ordered the Mets to back off while the case is pending.

 {NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Do they expect to keep a real Hashgacha
    like this, or were they already “Beli’al?” Wilpon knows his Halacha, but the kosher food stand doesn’t… How treif does that sound to you?


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