July 4th: Appreciating the Malchus Shel Chessed

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american-flagOn this day two-hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the United States bravely declared its independence, asserting its citizens inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Today, Americans celebrate that bold declaration and express their gratitude for all the blessings of their God-given freedoms.

Amid the picnics, parades, and fireworks, Americans will also remember those who are at this moment defending their freedoms abroad. These selfless men and women especially deserve thoughts and prayers today, for they are fighting for the very ideals America celebrates.

And those living in America should remember to thank the Ribono Shel Olam for granting them the ability to live in a Malchus Shel Chessed.

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  1. When the Eibishter sent us into Golus to live amongst people of other nationalities, He told us to be civil and have sincere kindness, to our new neighbors, and then we will be Zocheh to have the Geulah Shleimo.
    We must explain to our children, that the Memreh in the Gemoroh, regarding the Umos being our Avodim in Yemois Hamoshiach, does not mean what it sounds like.
    Chas Vesholam to be Mispallel for Moshiach while having in mind, that our neighbor will be an Eved.
    And we must explain to them, that the Halochos of To’os Akim, Hashovas Aveido L’nochri and Shor shel Yisroel Shenogach Shor Shel Nochri, all these Halochos do not apply to civilized Nations

  2. #3: Actually, the halachos do apply, even to “civilized Nations” (not to many of those around, these days).

    The reason we don’t practice them is because of eivah.

  3. you tragically ought to be aware that since last week ,aaaamerica is incapable evermore of being blessed and henceforth

  4. Rubashkin and Pollard must be really appreciating the “chesed” even as we speak. In general, we should never ever joyously praise any golus we find ourselves in – we still are exiled from Beis Hamikdosh – we still are imprisoned. Hakoras haTov?- for what? – did this country even move a finger to save the 6 million of our brothers? – should we have Hakoras Hatov to anyone who doesn’t actively try to kill us? – how about this country shows some appreciation to its exemplary law-abiding, productive and tax-paying Jewish population; as for us – let’s start with Hakoras haTov to Hashem! There were those that highly praised Germany and Poland – let not the American stage of our golus repeat what happened in the above countries.

  5. To Comment # 6. from “cohen”:

    This is an excellent observation! You pointed out that, very, very, very unfortunately, with the horrendously terrible actions and enactments brought about by certain severely wicked elements of contemporary society, America has thrown away a tremendous amount of what its citizens can be proud of.

    However, the tragic situation is complicated. Yes, there are quite a lot of people here who do support Toeiva. Yes, with the extrordinary political power that they wield, official recognition of Toeiva — in all of its forms and most extreme levels — is quickly being enshrined here as the “Law of the Land.”

    At the very same time though, there are quite a lot of people here who DO NOT support Toeiva! There are quite a lot of people here who are quite abhorred at all of the official respect for Toeiva that has been hoisted on the country. Even the pro-Toeiva media has been compelled to report on some of the ANTI-Toeiva demonstrations that have been made and show pictures of some of the signs with statements like:

    “G-D HATES (a slang word for Toeiva people)!!”

    Im Yirtza Hashem, may these anti-Toeiva efforts overpower and reverse the Toeiva damage that has been done, and with that bring the full Geula Shelayma, Bimhayra B’Yamaynu, Omein!


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