Juror: Zimmerman ‘Got Away With Murder’


george-zimmerman1A second juror in the trial of George Zimmerman has given a TV interview saying the former neighborhood watch volunteer “got away with murder” when he was acquitted earlier this month in the shooting death of black, unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

The woman, identified in court as juror B29, who is part Hispanic, said she would have liked to convict Zimmerman of murdering Martin but said her hands were tied by a lack of evidence.

“You can’t put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty,” she told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an interview due to be aired on Friday morning. “But we had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence,” the woman said.

Zimmerman, a white Hispanic man, was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter on July 13 after a racially charged trial. The verdict triggered demonstrations across the United States.

The jurors have remained anonymous under a judge’s order. Juror B29 allowed her face to be shown, but used only that name Maddy. ABC said the 36-year-old woman is Puerto Rican and that she recently moved to Florida from Chicago. She is a nursing assistant and mother of eight.

Juror B29 is the second juror to speak in a televised interview, and the first to show her face.

Read more at Newsmax.

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  1. If there is no evidence then how does she know it was murder maybe he was acting in self defence. Her gut feeling is not a reason to judge.

  2. #1,

    Just as Barak Hussain Obama is a white African American. That simple!

    Fact! The juror gets paid lots of money for such an interview.

    Fact: They would like to stay safe.

  3. #2-the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt for a murder conviction. Since there was reasonable doubt, there can be no murder conviction. The juror believed he committed murder, but, based on the court standard, the evidence was insufficient in regard to the reasonable doubt standard.

    A defendant pleads not guilty. That does not mean he did not commit the crime, only that the prosecution cannot prove, based on the standard of guilt, that the defendant committed the crime.

  4. A white hispanic is similar to a white black its a joke made up by the media to try to keep this racial even though there is no evidence as we all saw during the trial the prosecution was pure emotion no facts because the facts all proved his innocence

  5. That is so true. The only reason this juror is on TV is that she gets lots of money. Anyone, including Obama and his family get paid for any interview they give. This juror probably needs money, and will be interviewed by many stations; easy bucks.

  6. Of course he got away with murder. Trayvon Martin would have murdered him and he got away from being murdered by not permitting him to do so! It’s called SELF DEFENSE!


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