Jurors Horrified at Trial of R’ Menachem Stark’s Killer

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Juror closed the eyes, turned away, or looked no longer than they had to when photos were presented at the trial of Kendel Felix, murderer of R’ Menachem Stark of Williamsburg.

R’ Menachem’s almanah, Bashie, and others left the courtroom when Medical Examiner Brian O’Reilly announced that he’s be discussing nine ghastly images during his testimony.

The photos brought some to tears.

R’ Menachem, after dying from asphyxiation, was placed in a dumpster in Great Neck, NY, and burned.

Those in the courtroom cringed with the medical examiner said that he believes it took “minutes” for R’ Menachem to succumb during the ordeal.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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