Justice Department Prepares Charges Against NSA Leaker


department-of-justiceThe U.S. Justice Department is preparing to file criminal charges against Edward Snowden, the man who confessed to leaking top secret documents on the National Security Agency’s vast surveillance programs, according to two law enforcement officials.

The sources said the U.S. government is trying to act quickly to set in motion the machinery to bring Snowden back home, as a columnist involved in breaking a series of stories based on Snowden’s information says there’s much more to come out.

“We have more documents that we intend to make public by writing about them journalistically,” Glenn Greenwald, columnist for the U.K.’s The Guardian told ABC News. “Whether [Snowden] has additional documents that he hasn’t given us is something I can’t answer for him.”

Snowden, a 29-year-old information technology contractor with the NSA, left the home he shared with his girlfriend in Hawaii a few weeks ago to hide out from the U.S. government in Hong Kong while The Guardian and The Washington Post published a handful of eye-opening stories allegedly based on secret documents Snowden copied and smuggled out of the NSA. Snowden then revealed himself as the leak on Sunday in a lengthy interview with The Guardian.

He was last seen in a Hong Kong hotel room, but has since checked out and disappeared into the streets of the bustling Chinese city.

He’s currently wandering around unemployed since his former company, technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, said today he was fired Monday for “violations of the firm’s code of ethics and firm policy.” The company also disputed Snowden’s claim that he made $200,000 a year for them, saying it was actually $122,000.


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