Justice Department to Pay $98,000 in Lawsuit Alleging Abuse of 9/11 Suspects

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Although not admitting guilt, the Justice Department on Tuesday settled a lawsuit from six men who say they faced unreasonable jail conditions while detained as suspects for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the Associated Press reports.

The men, who were detained without terrorism charges and ultimately let go, accused federal officials of imprisoning them in restrictive and abusive conditions in the decades-old suit. In a rare move, the Justice Department agreed to pay $98,000 split equally among the plaintiffs, saying that the men were “held in excessively restrictive and unduly harsh conditions of confinement and a number of individuals were physically and verbally abused by certain MDC officers.”

One of the men, Benamar Benatta, said the settlement left the door open for future mistreatment from federal officials. “I don’t believe justice is properly served, considering the detrimental consequences the defendants’ actions have had on my life. I can’t help but feel let down by the whole judicial system,” he said. Read more.


  1. After the missiles hit the Towers why did the Bush family allow a planeload of undocumented Saudis to flee the country on Sept 12th?

    • What you read or hear from mainstream is a far cry from the truth. Dig into “conspiracy theories” and you’ll learn what really happened. WARNING: Once you know the truth you’re never the same.

  2. After all they went through they’ll end up with a measly $16,000? They should divide Bush’s $trillions that he left behind.

  3. How about scores held in jail, to this day, without bail since the so-called “January sixth” (17 months now) – most on no allegations that even if found guilty would garner less jail time than the time they have already spent in jail. And even the New York Times itself (hardly a friend to those accused) wrote about;

    > threats from guards, standing sewage, and scant food and water. A federal judge recently held top jail officials in contempt after they delayed prompt medical care for a Capitol defendant in their custody. [the accused suffered from cancer and also broke a finger]

    > None of these allegations … came as a surprise to local Washington officials … have complained about conditions at the jail for years.


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