Justice Ginsburg: Gender A “Major Major Factor” In Clinton Loss

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed in an interview Tuesday night that sexism was a “major, major factor” in Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump last November.

Appearing before an audience at New York City’s 92nd St. Y, Ginsburg was asked by CBS journalist Charlie Rose whether she thought sexism played a role in the presidential election results.

“I have no doubt that it did,” Ginsburg replied.

Was it the decisive factor, he asked . . . meaning that if Clinton were a man, would she have won “going away?”

“There are so many things that might have been decisive,” Ginsburg responded. “But that was a major, major factor.”

In interviews in summer 2016, Ginsburg bemoaned the idea that Trump might be elected, saying she worried about what it would mean for the Supreme Court and for the country. Trump responded that she had overstepped boundaries and should retire.

Ginsburg later issued a statement saying she regretted commenting on the election, and she has declined to answer questions about Trump since then.

Ginsburg, 84, begins her 25th term on the court Monday.

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  1. Aside for all her criminal activities, Hillary lost fair and square because she’s a kookoorikoo, as we see today even had she been a man. With all her evilness and corruptions, she could’ve have only won had she been black, like Obama who won only because of his color – a pure racist election. Liberal Left Ginsburg still doesn’t see what the American people noticed right away.

  2. Dearly loved but never a student of Israel careful. Her mind sees the politics of gender. Real history students see Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel.

    Think dresses are orthodox. The vote counts the proper heaven.

    Pants suit is not biblical privacy. The whole thing was a power home.

    As despicable as Trump is, he knew he would win. He wore a hat and covered his head. It ushers in a new era because we can wear hats in the future. Thank G-d. He did not know he crushed a curse of history. Men in office never wearing proper hat.

    This is very interesting. I think we will hope a surviving fate.

    No wall please. Fedora.


      • Head cover. Ever see photos of New York in the 1920’s and 1930’s? Seas of men always wearing a hat outdoors. A human civilization.

        Give me credit. I first learned to cover my head in the Air Force. We must always outdoors. I carried often my wedge cap everywhere and tucked it in my belt.

        We are a civilized society. Donald IS making America great again. Wish he would do more.

        Of course an orthodox jew was already there. He Always has his head covered.

        Thank the holocaust of reform judaism for a child like me running to the military. One never knew how to be respectable to Hashem and Hashem taught me right there well. We must end abomination mistake loved hate politics. Reform and conservative judaism are organized hate.

        Fedora please Donald. I want a photo.

  3. Justice Ginsburg is 100% correct – just so long as you define “Slimy, avaricious, condescending, dishonest, smug and greedy” as a gender.

    In all seriousness though, while I imagine there were some who voted against her because she’s a woman, I also assume there were those who voted ==for== her for the same reason.

  4. The photo above is of a gender-ambiguous form of life. We’re not sure if it is male, female or something else or if it’s from our planet. Reading it’s words and listening to it speak, we wonder how many more like this there are roaming the earth and what are their intentions. Please go back to your own planet and your own life-forms and leave us alone.

  5. But, didn’t Hillary win the popular vote, as she keeps reminding everyone? Is Ginsburg suggesting that the Electoral College is sexist?

    My Tefilah is that the Supreme Court should, VERY SOON, be Ruthless.

    • Actually, if you subtract the illegal votes [we had about five thousand people come to NH from surrounding states and registering for same day voting – but lying on their applications], and Cook County had more votes than they had registered voters, etc., I doubt she won the popular vote.

  6. She sounds like winey Clinton, women women women!! Enough with it, women are treated equal to men. I did vote for Clinton because all she played was the victims “woman “

  7. She’s right because if hillary was a man she wouldn’t have lost because she would have been indicted over her email server from which comey made up that the law says you have to show intent which she anyway had by the fact that she set up a private server so she could hide her criminal activity and never would have been nominated just like if obama was white he wouldn’t have won anything


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