Kachol Lavan MK: Netanyahu Should Be Removed By The People, Not Judges

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Kachol Lavan Party Knesset member Ofer Shelah said on Monday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be voted out of office by the people of Israel, not removed by judges.

“The court will rule properly, as it sees fit, but in my eyes, it would be far better not to forbid Netanyahu to form a government,” Shelah said in a statement. “A prime minister under indictment is publicly wrong, and we will not sit [in a government] with him, but it would be better for the public to make this ruling, not the Supreme Court.”

His statement came two days after Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to submit his legal opinion on whether Netanyahu can assemble a government despite the indictments against him.

The court announced that after receiving and approving a petition with 67 signatures demanding a ruling on whether an indicted MK may form a government, it intends to debate the issue.

Though no date has been set for the court to deliberate on the issue, Mandelblit will be required to offer his legal opinion 48 hours before the court meets.

Following the court’s announcement, Netanyahu claimed in a video posted to Twitter that “In a democracy, it is the people who decide who will lead them, not anyone else. Otherwise, it just isn’t democracy.”




  1. The judges who were never appointed by the people should be removed first. If Netanyahu will be removed is there anyone to replace him?


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