Kachlon: Palestinians Not Ready for Peace Deal

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Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said this week: “Everyone understands that in the end there will be two states….At the end of this process, that’s what will happen in our region. I don’t see it happening tomorrow….I think that the Palestinians aren’t ready for a political agreement. I got that impression from conversations with them….They themselves say: Let’s get through these years. We have internal problems, problems with Gaza, etc. I don’t see them going now in the direction of an agreement.”

Meanwhile, assurances were made that there will be significant improvements in the Palestinian school curriculum that teaches children to become expendable martyrs, reject negotiations and embrace commitment to continuous war. However, PA Education Minister Sabri Saidam appears dead set on maintaining the radical curriculum. The curriculum is carefully crafted by the Palestinian Ministry of Education to alternately combine violence with international pressure against Israel.

Saidam posted on his official Facebook page a status that read: “May Allah have mercy on the Martyrs of Jerusalem and all of Palestine” – referring to the terrorists responsible for the murder of border policewoman Hadas Malka in Yerushalayim that same day. The PA Minister of Education himself promotes martyrdom.

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