Kallah of Bochur Killed in Ukraine Gets Engaged to His Brother

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shmuel-tobolThe kallah of an Israeli yeshiva bochur who was stabbed to death back in September at the kever of Rav Nachman of Breslov in Uman, Ukraine, has now gotten engaged to his brother. Shmuel Menachem Tobol, the 19-year old Brelover bochur, was stabbed by local Ukrainians.

His brother, Yehudah Nissim, has now gotten engaged to his kallah, Sarah Doronbush.

Shmuel’s and Sarah’s wedding had been scheduled to be held this month. Instead, last Monday, a vort was held at the Tobol home in Emanuel to celebrate the engagement of Yehudah Nissim and Sarah.

May the family have a nechama and merit to celebrate only simchos in the future.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Not the first time something like this has happened. My mother a’h lived in Williamsburg when there was a terrible fatal accident involving a beautiful young kallah who got terribly injured and sustained brain damage and her sister became engaged to the boy….sad story…but they have a wonderful life with beautiful children…..
    #1 the ultimate optimist, you are!!!!!
    May Hashem send them a nechama….and may they have a long happy life together!!!!!

  2. Sorry…posted wrong. Was not a fatal accident, as I have written….Just sustained brain damage leaving the girl incapacitated nebech…..

  3. “Was not a fatal accident, as I have written….Just sustained brain damage leaving the girl incapacitated nebech…..”

    Is she aware of what’s going on? If so, it must be terribly painful for her to see her sister essentially take over her life.

  4. #10 PINKY..No she was not aware….she sustained terrible injuries and was L’A terribly crippled mentally…Hashem Yeracheim. I think the fact that her sister married her chosson at least alleviated the pain for him. I think it made it a bit easier because he was engaged pretty soon afterward….however, I guess the hard part for him was being in the family and watching nebech how his kallah was destroyed… they are very very special chashuva people…have a beautiful family…
    Hashem …protect us from such pain.


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