Kamala Harris Wants To Ban Fracking

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Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, has made her stance on fracking clear. She wants to eliminate it.

Fracking is a way of extracting natural gas from the ground using a horizontal drilling process that pumps water, sand and chemicals into the ground, fracturing rocks and releasing natural gas.

Her position is similar to that of Biden’s. During a Democratic Party presidential debate on the topic, he said there would be “no more, no new fracking,” under his administration if he is elected.

Harris seems to take it a step further. When she was in the running as a possible presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, she said she would support a fracking ban during a CNN presidential town hall.

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  1. This is gravely set in history now. The B-H campaign against the T-P. Well, Baruch HaShem. The dems want Jewish attention. Hashem has the joke. But if Kamela does beat Trump Pence we might dare track more of this wrong.

    I guess anything odd in this universe that a democrat wants indicates we understand our futures better. Fracking can meet community expectation.

    Onward energy.


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