Kanye West: Israel Should Pay African Women $1 Million Per Child

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Rapper Kanye West hit the campaign trail Sunday, addressing supporters at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. While discussing his platform, the rapper-turned politician touched on his views on abortion, which he held should remain legal, instead favoring massive financial incentives to women who carry their children to term.

West suggested women should receive a million dollars for each child, saying the plan could be implemented globally, suggesting that Israel could fund the program in Africa.

“Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars, or something in that range,” West said. “We will fund it with other countries,” West added. “America with other continents. There are Israeli continents that do not believe in this. There are African continents that do not believe in this.”

“Israel in Africa – that would fund a concept like this.”

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  1. Israel has enough insane people giving advice, no need for advice from America’s insane because he woke up one morning to run for President.

  2. There you go! The true face of “pro life” evangelicals. An antisemite has an unwanted pregnancy? Israel, or more precisely, Jews, should pay a million dollars and gain an extra antisemite in the world.

  3. I still clearly remember that first presser that Trump gave saying he is running. Scared to say that I (and everyone else) dismissed Trump as much of a clown at that point as this guy and the rest is history. You never know scary!
    And wow what an amazing tactic with the million dollar thing shows what he thinks of the mental capicty of his fans and followers.

  4. Kanye west is bi-polar. He is experiencing a Manic Episode. This news story should be taken down. It is irresponsible and cruel. A little effort by Matzav would discover that he doesn’t like taking his medication, like many other people with mental illness.

  5. “Israeli and African continents”?? Put him on par with Biden. If Trump loses to these absolute idiots it’s obvious that its only from Hashem. There is no way America could vote for these 2, if they were of sound mind.

    • Very simple. There is a famous rapper named Kanye West. He is unfortunately mentally ill. This is well known, and he has talked about it before. Every once in a while, he has an episode where he does or says something meshugga, either for attention or because of his illness. This is happening now, and this particular time he has decided to “run for president” (he has announced his candidacy, but I don’t think he’s filed the necessary paperwork), and as part of that campaign made some crazy comment about the US giving everyone who has a baby $1 million, and Israel helping them with the necessaary funding.


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