Kars4Kids To Auction SUV That Kids Were Riding In Before Superstorm Sandy Swept Them To Their Deaths

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moorse-brothersThe SUV that two Staten Island brothers were riding in before they were killed in Superstorm Sandy will be auctioned for charity. The Kars4Kids organization said that it accepted the donation from Glenda and Damien Moore, whose sons, Brandon, 2, and Connor, 4, drowned in the storm on October 29th.

NYPD officer Kevin Gallagher, who aided the Mrs. Moore after her children were swept from her arms, contacted Kars4Kidson behalf of the Moore parents to make the macabre donation.

“He said he had the car and the family didn’t want anything to do with it,” explained Kars4Kids spokesman Steven Weldler, who said the 2003 blue Ford Explorer will be auctioned to raise money for coats for the needy.

Anyone wanting to help can donate $5 to the Staten Island coat giveaway. For more information, go to kars4kids.org/koats4kids.

To read more, see the full Daily News kars4kids story.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Wondering what sicko would bid on an auction for this unfortunate vehicle and why would they. Please don’t answer “for charity” as I am sure the organization gladly accepts checks from anyone who wants to donate.

  2. Not sure what that is supposed to mean. I think (and hope) that it simply means they are selling it in the manner that they sell all donated cars which is hardly a news story…

  3. Who wants a “DEATH” car??? I tink it will be nice to raise money… could it be in a different way? The truth is I wander how much the car will be selling for…


    And if it goes for alot…

    See that look what people would waste their money on.. Owning a car which 2 kids died from…

    Answer?? ?? ??

  4. Just to clarify.

    The car will be sold at auction just as any other car would be without publicizing the tragic story behind the vehicle.

    The buyer will not know what happened to the car. Sadly, the car was so damaged that the car will probably eventually have to be recycled.


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