Kashrus Alert: Gefen Sardines


gefen-sardines[Update below.] Various vaadei kashrus have inspected large quantities of cans of Gefen sardines with skin and bones. The following position is the result of their  findings and reflects their opinion on this matter:

Gefen sardines with skin and bones from Portugal have been found to be heavily infested with Anisakis worms in the abdominal cavity. They are forbidden according to all opinions and are not affected by the recent discussion about Anisakis worms in the flesh of fish.

The sardines must be gutted and the interior walls scraped to ensure that the worms have been removed. This procedure requires much expertise to ascertain that all the worms have been removed. In our opinion the consumer should not attempt doing so on his own.

Currently, this alert does not affect the status of skinless and boneless sardines.

Update: After Matzav.com was first to report the above kashrus alert, we asceratined that Rav Nochum Ephraim Teitelbaum, the Volover Rov, who gives the hashgacha on Gefen products together with the OU, has confirmed the above alert. In fact, he has placed ads in the American Yated Ne’eman and other publications making the public aware of this alert.

{Yossi Schneider-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Thank you. I am sure that all the readers will bear your warning in mind.

    In the meantime, what about the parnasah of what might be considered to be a Jewish-owned business, given the brand name of the sardines in question?

  2. it might have always been there but the gemara and shulchan aruch assurs when they are in the intesttines.

    to #4 wy dont you call gefen and ask them hy they didnt make a recall 718.369.4600

  3. See the Chasam sofer in the teshuvas on Yoreh dayah re: sending a 7 year old child who was bigeder “shoitah” (till he’s 13) to a facilty to get cured somewhat, but he will consume non-kosher, etc.

  4. The gemarah and shulchan aruch asser when found in the intestines…NOT… in the abdominal cavity. If the worms were found in the intestines I understand the problem but if only found in abdominal cavity why a recall?


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