KASHRUS ALERT: Infestation in Gefen Sour Cherries

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  1. Lashan hora.
    As long as you are makpid to never ever touch chalav stam, these tolaim issues are not a concern. Even if you consume tolaim, your children will still get top shidduchim but if you chas vishalom ever even touch the wrapper of a chalav stam product, you’re finished, done. Kids ain’t getting a shidduch from our community. You might as well go off the derech. There is no greater sin than consuming chalav stam.

    • Thats why they put out an alert.
      Most heimishe companies take over other plants for their own run. If you think any company checks each and every fruit/veg that they put in cans / jars before they package it, then … maybe you are naiive, the heimishe company / hechsher hopefully test a sample, but they generally rely on chezkas kashrus.


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